Sport Pilot Ground School

Tim O'Connor's Live, on-line ground school is designed to not only efficiently expose you to the knowledge you need to pass the FAA Knowledge (written) exam, but also to adapt that knowledge to real world flying.

Learning Science

Everything that you read or study goes into the brains Short Term Memory. Everything that you act on, such as flying or taking an exam comes from Long Term memory.

Videos and computer based training systems are 50% less efficient in adults for placing information into long term memory.

This LIVE on-line training system, using multiple forms of media, live drawn on the screen diagrams and student interaction increases transference and retention of new information into long term memory dramatically.

When should you take Ground School?

Ground school and the associated knowledge exam should be taken as early as possible in the flight training process.

The knowledge and skills learned in ground school not only make flight instruction easier and more efficient but FAA statistics show that students that take ground school early in flight training have an 80% higher success rate in earning a pilots certificate.

The Instructor:

Timothy S. O'Connor, has made a living for the past twenty years in computer networking, security and technical training. Tim holds some of the highest certifications in the computer training industry and is a certified flight instructor, and certified technical instructor.

Numerous pilot ratings including Advanced Ground Instructor, Commercial Rotorcraft pilot and award winning FAA Safety Team member.

In addition to technical training and consulting, Tim co-hosted a top-rated radio show "Technology Today" for three years on WNOP, is the author of three books and has written cover and feature articles for such publications as ROTORCRAFT, EAA Sport Pilot, Sport Aviation, The Experimenter, Light Plane World, Homebuilt Rotorcraft, Powered Sport Flying, The Utopian and has published content in AVWeb, Technology First, jp4 and other publications.


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